ZakTheBlueGamer is a youtube channel which reviews and plays games. Zak, the creator of the channel, mainly plays horror games and his favourite game is FNAF. He also enjoys action/survival games and co-op games. Here is his latest review and breakdown of the game The Joy of Creation.

The Joy of creation: This game is terrifying and I have played it!

The Joy of creation is part of the Five Nights At Freddie’s Franchise. You play through the eyes of Scott Cawthon and his family members as you try to survive the night in their family home. You are being pursued by the terrifying animatronics from the previous games who lurk through your house all night long.

In the first game, you have to survive against 4 animatronics. The game starts harder the further you get through Chica and bonnie become active at 1am you have to use you tablet to find what rooms they are in ,then Foxy activated in the second night if you don’t check on him that basted will run like a simp if he is not regularly check on then there is is Freddy Faz bear the icon of the pizzeria laughs as he moves around and becomes active at the third night out have to try and survive all 3 night from 12 am to 6 am and conserve your power in your generator. Once the power is going, you will die by the hands of Freddy himself and start over. This game is like Chess you have to place your pieces right in order to survive.

The most difficult level in the game is the custom night because all of the animatronics gets aggressive and actives during the first night

How the creator of Five Nights At Freddy (Scott Cawthon) is related to the game

Scott is the main protagonist. In The Joy of Creation, he cannot be seen, even if by pressing M. He is widely assumed to be Scott Cawthon. He is also an entirely different person that the protagonist of The Joy of Creation: Story Mode, as in that game the ‘Scott’ referenced is actually supposed to be Scott Cawthon, according to the final cutscene where the player is referenced as such.

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