Dennis Junior Odunwo, also known as Tion Wayne, is a British rapper from Edmonton north London. I’m personally impressed with this rapper mainly because he focuses more on elevation and improving himself than any other rapper for example he recently released a new song with other rappers that hit #1 in the chart with him and Russ Millions being the main rappers in this collaboration. He began to make a name for himself in 2010 after dropping a handful of videos on youtube and in 2014 he released his first mixtape called wayne’s world. He made his UK singles chart-debut in early 2019 when he was featured London based group NSG’s single options, which peaked at number seven.

His single “keisha and becky” with fellow UK rapper Russ also reached the UK top 10, peaking at number seven. In 2020 odunwo was featured, alongside rapper and singer swarmz and rapper KSI’s single “Houdini”. The single peaked at number six in the UK single charts. Soon after that, he released his single “I Dunno” featuring dutchavelli and stormzy, which also reached the UK top 10, peaking at number seven. His new tune with Russ as one of the main rappers hit 37 million views on BODY and has been continuously used on social media platforms such as Snspchat, TikTok and Instagram.

I personally like his music because it’s jumpy, good for parties and summer events. I think people should listen to him more often because he is more consistant than other rappers and his lyrics are also catchy along with the beat.

My favourite track from Tion wayne is ‘Body’ which was recently released because it’s very jumpy.

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