"For this week's recipe we are going to make some Samosa's. This recipe is from my mum Maryan who was born in Somalia!"  

This week’s resident recipe comes from Muna. A student who lives near Archway in London, with her mum and 3 sisters. She moved to London from Somalia in 2014. She likes watching TV and her favourite programme is iZombie! 

You will need:



Vegetable oil


Green Chilli

White Onion

Spring Onion


1.Get some flour, add some water until it is sticky

1. Get some flour, add some water until it is sticky

 2. Roll it and squeeze it for 5 minutes, then roll it into individual small balls. 

3.  Next squash it flat into a square and heat gently in a frying pan


4. Mix some water with some flour to make a paste and make a triangle.

5. Set aside your triangles and fry you tuna!

5. Next chop your spring onions and white onions. 

7.Mix the tuna, green chilli, onions and spring onion together and then give it a fry!

8. Take the triangle/cone and put in the mixture like so!

Now they are ready to fry!

Deep fry the Samosa for about 10 minutes until they are golden brown

Delicious! Bon Appetitt!

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