Ainsley Harriot started becoming a host in August 2000, when he took over from Fern Britton, the duration of the programme was extended from 30 to 45 minutes. The show first started in 1994 on BBC2. There have been 1,735 episodes, 102 celebrity episodes & 20 revival episodes.

In the show two chefs go head to head with a guest on the cooking challenge to create food dishes from the guests bags and after the chefs cook the dishes in 20 minutes the guests have a taste of the dishes that were made and the chefs talk about how they made the food using the ingredients from the bag and the audience vote for who wins the 20 minute cooking challenge and the winner wins the £100 spending money and the runner up gets the hamper.

There are 2 kitchens: the green pepper kitchen and the red tomato kitchen. There are 2 challenges in ready steady cook the 20 minutes cooking challenge and the 10 minutes quickie bag challenge. In the quickie bag challenge the 2 chefs create the dishes with the ingredients from the quickie bag and have 10 minutes to make the food with the bag. The audience votes for which chef wins the quickie bag when one of the two chefs comes up with the great ideas from the bag.
The series has done really well and got different version in 8 countries, including Greece, USA, Poland and Finland. The series has also published two books.
The reason people should watch this is because it’s a great show. It’s a cooking experience of advice that the chefs give to you on Tv. The show gives you some tips that might inspire you when you’re at home doing your own cooking. It will give great cooking experience when you do your own cooking at home and if you want to know more about the chef’s recipe they should go to the website or check on ceefax. The show ready Steady Cook is on Tv BBC 2 and you could also watch it on youtube.


Name: Ainsley Harriot

Age: 63

Where does he live paddington, london

Fun Fact 1: Chef, Television Presenter, Entertainer 

Fun Fact 2: Education at Westminster Kingsway College

Interests: food 

Favourite Food: sushis, cheesecake with raspberry sauce, shepherds pie 

Star sign: His Birthday 28 february 1957

Categories: Film and Tv