These photos were taken around london 🙂

If you want to take some photos just go outside and do it yourself, you don’t need a fancy camera. I just use my Android Phone

I see photography as a form of art where a person is able to take an image and capture that memory. The type of images that I would like to convey are pictures that can peak a users interest and entice them to go outside and try to look and enjoy the world that we live in. Images that I would like to include are landscape images, landmarks or obscure things that interest me. Many people nowadays are stuck on their phone when they are inside and even outside, I would like them to take a break from their phone and enjoy the environment that they live in and try to understand that pictures are built to capture a memory, but the person has to take their time and make the memory happen.

Imtiyaz is a person who is interested in the world around them. They are engrossed in the use of technology, such as the use of photography and how it can be an important factor to many people in their lives, as this piece of technology can help to capture a memory that a person can later look on and cherish. Each photo that a person takes, contains a value and this value can vary from person to person. Imtiyaz has the intention to motivate others to take photos and capture memories that they can cherish for years to come.


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