Albion Food and Wine is a local grocery store on Albion Road in North London. It has been there for over 10 years and is the heart of the community! It’s not any old mini-market: it has a butcher’s at the back and sells lots of different items like food, shampoo, frozen goods and vegetables and you will certainly be able to find what you are looking for.

The owner is called Ali, he is in 40s and he is from Chingford. He has another shop on Church street called “Church street Food and Wine”.

Albion Food and Wines has such a variety of produce! The most popular items are organic chocolates, fruit and veg. The butcher is also one of the main reasons that the shop has a big customer range as it has meat with jerk sauce and all the other necessities needed unlike a average shop.

The pressures of Covid have been a struggle, as it has been for many local business. According to the Guardian newspaper, an estimated of 6 million small businesses are facing financial instability due to the pandemic and nearly 2 thirds of entrepreneurs are worried their business may not survive the pandemic. This is because many people choose to shop at bigger supermarkets or use delivery services. Another pressure to small local businesses and butchers is that the price of meat has risen due to Brexit. Thanks to the locals, Albion food and wines has been able to bounce back but this is why it is so important to support local businesses!

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