We are excited to tell you that after a detailed discussion and audience vote, the winner was Fabian Ruci closely followed by Teni Ayankoya; the runner up. Congratulations to them both.

Judges; Juliana and Jimmy from Candi Creative hand over the cash
Teni and Fabian (left to right)

Thanks to everyone who entered and for coming to the screening.

The two films can be seen here
Post Apocalyptic by Fabian 
Aspire by Teni


  • The filming can start immediately after the presentation on Wednesday 9/10 – yes we know it’s not 48 hours but we figure you won’t be ready until the weekend
  • The deadline will be 10AM Monday 14/10 for your films to be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube – make sure you have an account ready to receive it
  • The films should be no longer than 3 minutes
  • You must have permission to use everything in the film (music, images, people etc)
  • You don’t have to be a Media student, in fact we are encouraging students from business, art and design and music to bring their skills to the team
  • The winning team will be chosen at the screening of all the films on the following Wednesday 17/10 at 16.00 @ the Hub

Entry form
Candi Creative Logo
Equipment Loan Form

Some questions

I want to join in but I haven’t signed up?
Sign up here and come to the meeting, everyone is welcome.

I haven’t got a group and I don’t know who’s in Candi Creative?
Come to the meeting we are expecting most people to get into groups then and there

What equipment can I borrow?
We will lend you a shooting kit which includes a camera, mic and tripod, however you can film and edit on your mobile, or anything else.

My friends didn’t sign up for Candi creative and one of them doesn’t go to college?
No worries, new CANDI students can sign up on this site and as long as the majority of your group go to CANDI it’s all fine

What’s the film going to be about?
All will be revealed at the meeting.

Is that £100 each?
Err . . . no